LAA Philosophy

Little Ambassadors’ Academy believes children learn best through discovery. As teachers and administrators, we provide a safe, nurturing, and creative environment in which students develop intellectual curiosity and outstanding moral character. We celebrate the individuality of each child and work with them to reach their full potential. We believe in a supportive learning environment where children can become active and engaged learners. LAA is dedicated to building a solid foundation for lifelong learning.


Creating Balance

A well-balanced program is essential for a positive early childhood development experience. LAA creates well rounded students by exposing them to strong learning components. Through daily healthy living activities, students are developing the tools they need for personal growth and gross motor development. The art of language is supported by our Spanish lessons and visits to our school library. Music enrichment and process based art projects encourage the creative strengths of children. Our hands-on approach with science creates opportunities for critical thinking, observation skills, and the ability to form conclusions. Our range of components helps piece together a diverse learning experience for our students and contributes to their development as a whole.


Supporting Teachers

A vital factor to any successful learning environment is a great teacher. At Little Ambassadors’ Academy we strive to support our teachers in any way we possibly can. We create a positive environment for teachers through continuing education assistance, professional development opportunities and a comprehensive benefits package. At Little Ambassadors’ Academy, we pride ourselves on our low teacher turnover rate with an amazing staff dedicated to early childhood education and development.


Our School Community

At Little Ambassadors' Academy we strive to enrich our students' learning experience through the concepts we were founded on. Our butterfly logo represents the free spirit and adventurous nature of each one of us as we migrate throughout the world around us. Additionally, all of our classrooms are represented by an animal native to each of the seven continents. Through these symbols and our robust curriculum, we strengthen our students' multicultural awareness and appreciation. Our goal is to inspire our students to think of themselves as part of a global community and carry that perspective with them after they graduate from LAA.


LAA Spotlight

LAA is proud to be in the spotlight. From being ranked as one of the top preschools in Northern VA to being a leader in early childhood development, we are being celebrated in the news. Check out what people are saying about us.

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