enrollment and tuition




Click on the button below to find out more in­for­ma­tion on tu­ition and ad­di­tional fees for full time, part-time 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and part-time 2 days (Tuesday, Thursday.) Your child's classroom placement and tuition is based on their age as of September 30th of that academic year.

**If you would like to schedule a tour please contact Little Ambassadors' Academy**


If space is not available upon paying the application fee, your child will be placed on the waitlist for the next available space. The $70 application fee will secure placement on our waitlist. Children are added to the waitlist by application date which also determines your waitlist number.

Waitlist numbers can change due to multiple factors. Unfortunately, we are unable to give official waitlist numbers until February of your desired enrollment year. For example, if you apply for a space for the Fall 2021 school year, please check with us in February 2021 regarding your child's waitlist number.



We require that each student has an application completed for their consideration into Little Ambassadors' Academy. There is a $70, non-refundable application fee. Once the application fee is received your application will be officially submitted. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

We know that filling out applications, dropping them off and following up can be stressful and time consuming. That is why we have tried to make our application process as simple as possible. You have the ability apply, to pay the application fee, and get on our waitlist all through our website.


If your child has been accepted to our program and you would like to pay the non-refundable registration fee, click on the button below.