Features Overview


Early Learners: 2-3 yrs.

Children at the age of two are just beginning to explore their surroundings and develop a sense of autonomy.

At this age they are exploring cause and effect, personal development skills, and learning effective communication. Our early learners participate in a regimented two week potty training boot camp which gives them a great sense of accomplishment and independence. In order to build a strong foundation as a lifelong learner, our curriculum for our early learners (two year old program) is divided into eight learning objectives. Some of these learning objectives include Cognitive Development, Personal Development, and Social Development.


Preschool: 3-4 yrs.

Children at the age of three become much more aware of the world around them and are eager to explore the way things work.

At this age they are making the most connections in their brain than at any other age. At this age it is extremely important to have a developmentally stimulating curriculum which is divided into eleven major learning objectives that touch on every aspect of their social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical development.


Pre-K: 4-5 yrs.

Children at the age of four are eager to explore, learn and discover at every opportunity.

At this age they are able to express themselves with a better understanding of their feelings and emotions, and are forming close relationships with those around them. Our balanced Pre-Kindergarten curriculum promotes social-emotional awareness as well as an academic foundation for primary school and beyond.