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The development and creation of the Little Ambassadors' Academy's Foreign Language Program is aligned with National and State Standards of Foreign Language Learning. The main principles of the program include an immersion approach through interactive lessons incorporating songs, dance and games. This means our instruction is given in the target language 95-100% of the time. The objective of our program is to create a foundation for further foreign language learning and cultural appreciation.

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Your child’s curiosity for the world around them will be nurtured through a hands-on approach. They will begin to hypothesize and perform experiments that will build upon their ability to classify objects, explore their senses, discover a variety of plants and animals, and question their growing world. They will study geography, habitats/biomes, and life cycles so they may gain a better understanding of the scientific method.

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We believe that introducing our students to technology will help develop the cognitive skills needed to comprehend the latest technological developments in our world. Our students are exposed to early navigation skills through educational and developmentally appropriate applications on iPads.

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Music and movement is an important aspect of a child's day. Music engages the brain and helps develop language skills needed for our youngest students. Our students are also actively engaged in music and movement enrichment classes twice a month. In addition, each classroom has their own musical instruments and music collections. Our students engage in song and dance in both English and Spanish during large and small group activities.

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Language and literacy skills are key learning components for all ages here at Little Ambassadors’ Academy. One of our literacy resources is our on-site school library. The students take weekly visits to the library to enrich their language and literacy skills through interactive story times with teachers and special guests. Students are also encouraged to freely explore the library by searching for books specific to their personal interests.

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Healthy Living

It is never too early to expose children to healthy habits. Our students will focus on nutritional health, personal hygiene, and the importance of physical activity. To support our healthy living environment we expose our students to healthy cooking classes, sports enrichment, and extended outdoor play time.