Ages 4-5

Children at the age of four are beginning to understand the world around them and are eager to explore, learn and discover at every opportunity.

At this age they are able to express themselves with a better understanding of their feelings and emotions, and are forming close relationships with those around them. Our balanced Pre-Kindergarten curriculum promotes social-emotional awareness as well as an academic foundation for primary school and beyond.

Language and Literacy: Your child will develop an appreciation for literature through exploration. They will learn to use initial consonant sounds, to recognize frequently used words such as: “the”, “and”, “is”, and begin to understand the composition of simple sentences. Our Pre-K students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of fictional and nonfictional.

Cognitive Development: Many cognitive changes are underway during the Pre-Kindergarten year. Your four-year-old is becoming a more efficient and sophisticated thinker. They are beginning to organize their thoughts into categories, develop problem-solving skills, cooperate with others and gain a sense of independence. In the Pre-Kindergarten classroom, they will expand upon all of these skills while they reexamine and build on all of the concepts presented during preschool.

Mathematics: The Pre-Kindergarten year emphasizes the importance of problem-solving. Your child will cultivate an understanding of the size (or magnitude) of numbers, various ways of representing numbers, strategies and words to compare numbers, and simple operations. Our Pre-K students are encouraged to engage in a variety of problem-solving situations using a variety of manipulatives.

Science: Your child's curiosity about the world will be nurtured through a hands-on approach to the natural world around them. They will begin to hypothesize and perform experiments that will build upon their ability to classify objects, explore their senses, discover a variety of plants and animals, and question their growing world. They will study geography, astrology, and life cycles so that they may gain a better understanding of the scientific method.

Foreign Language: Children who are exposed to a second language show signs of advanced cognitive skills including problem solving, critical thinking, memory, concentration, and listening. The main principles of our program include an immersion approach through interactive lessons incorporating songs, dance and games. The objective of our program is to create a foundation for further foreign language learning and cultural appreciation. Our instruction is given in the target language 95-100% of the time.

Geography and Culture: As your child's knowledge and awareness of the world around them grows and develops, we cultivate that curiosity by introducing them to the world around them . Our students learn basic map skills, identify their home city, state and country as well as the seven continents. They also experience multicultural activities and celebrate a multitude of holidays from different regions around the world.

Civics and History: Throughout the Pre-Kindergarten year your child is introduced to Americans in history whose lives demonstrate the virtues of patriotism, courage and kindness. Activities focusing on elections, early US history and some major historical figures will reinforce a background of civic engagement. Our Civics curriculum is intended to give children the basis for interacting with and understanding people of all cultures, as well as the people in our own families and communities. They will practice honesty, self-control and kindness to others as well as respectfulness, group interaction, and decision making.

Physical Development: Your Pre-Kindergartener is becoming more sophisticated in their movements and more coordinated with their bodies. Physical skills such as balancing, jumping, and running are important skills that each child will develop. Gross motor skills are refined with activities that promote group exercise and increased body awareness. Learning centers with specialized activities are aimed at encouraging and improving fine motor skills, manual dexterity, manipulation and coordination.

Social Development: As your four-year-old's ability to communicate is strengthened during the preschool year, the Pre-Kindergarten year is particularly focused on implementing and building upon their preexisting foundation of social interaction. Our Pre-Kindergartener will practice working together in small and large group activities, explore different peer-mediated interactions, recognize the emotions of fellow students and adults around them, and express themselves in a way that supports conflict resolution, cooperation and self-expression.

Personal Development: The Pre-Kindergarten year is a core developmental stage for your child to establish a sense of independence, self-control, self-discipline and an enthusiasm for learning. Our Pre-K classroom is designed to help your child gain competence in a variety of skills and techniques that increase their interest and control over their environment. Your child will be encouraged to explore their emotions while learning to control them. They will build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth as they explore their own behavior and creativity.


PreK Schedule

7:30-8:00: Before Care, Arrivals, Breakfast

8:00-9:00: Individual Work Time

9:00-9:45: Outside Time

9:45-10:15: Snack

10:15-10:45: Circle Time

10:45-11:45: Group Lesson & Individual Work Time  

11:45-12:45: Lunch & Story Time

12:45-2:45: Rest Time

2:45-3:30: Outside Time

3:30-4:00: Snack

4:00-5:00: Group Lesson & Individual Work Time

5:00-5:30: Story Time

5:30-6:30: Free Play